Convention Adventures – Part One

I’m in Salt Lake City!! Stampin’ Up! convention starts in a couple days, but we’re already having so much fun! I love traveling with the girls!

We drove to Seattle yesterday and stayed overnight. Then we flew to Salt Lake City today and here we are! It’s so fun to see friends that we made last year, hang out with them and catch up. The best part is the hugs and the laughs!

Here are random photos to show you some of the fun we’re having.

And Convention hasn’t even started yet!!

fallen asleep

sleeping on the drive (as is traditional after a late night finishing swap cards)

escaping the log-sawing

Escaping the snores by sleeping in the only room with a closing door

mirror ceiling

Mirrored ceiling

Seattle Airport

Seattle Airport

the look

giving “the look”

Yay! On our way!

Yay! On our way!

Chillin' on the plane

Chillin’ on the plane

Squatters for dinner

Squatters for dinner

toothpick wink

Toothpick winkin’

Random out-of-context quotes of the day:

“I didn’t know it was going to spring out at me so forcefully”

“I think we should change the letter “p” to “ped” so that it rhymes better with “zed” in the alphabet song”

“two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and says it’s own name”

“I’d climb him like a tree!”

“You know I’m all types of screwed up”

“bt-dubs” (= by the way)


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