Convention Adventures – Part Three

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Can you believe it’s been over two weeks since I returned home from the Inspire.Create.Share Stampin’ Up Convention?ย  It’s always nice to be back home with my husband and three children after being away for a week of adventure. Normal, regular, everyday life definitely has its comforts! I have to say, though, I’m more than ready for school to start. Our teachers have been on strike, though, so we might have an extended summer break. You may think that’s a good thing, and it can be, but our kids need more structure. My sanity demands that our summer isn’t extended too long!

The camera on my phone didn’t take great pictures of the events and classes on stage. The sessions were great and we learned a lot. Feeling motivated to push myself just a bit more and see if I have any chance at achieving that Grand Vacation on that Mediterranean Cruise! If I don’t reach that, I’m bound to get somewhere worth while with a little hard work!

Here are a few more photos from my week in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Convention braids and photo bombing

Braids and Photobombs

Convention free stuff!

All-attendee Prize Patrol!!

Convention swapping

Swapping cards

Convention unflattering pose

Unflattering poses are the thing to do

Convention unflattering pose again - Copy

What else to do when your waiting, but more unflattering poses

Convention unflattering pose again again

We look frightened, but we’re just entertaining ourselves while we wait for general session to start.

Convention unflattering pose yet again

Oh, the endless source of entertainment!

Convention good at these unflattering poses

Okay, I know, real mature (hehe). We’re getting good at this.

Convention guilty chocolate hoarder

Someone may or may not have dumped a stash of chocolates into her purse from the Recognition room (no names)

Convention I found him!!

I found him!!!

Convention awards night

Awards night! No awards for us, but PARTY ON!!

Convention prize patrol

Prize Patrol means free stuff!!

Convention no prize patrol

But no free stuff for this sad face ๐Ÿ™

Convention no prize patrol either

…. or this sad face ๐Ÿ™

Convention not a single prize patrol

No prize patrol for these sad sad faces either ๐Ÿ™

Convention Yay for all attendee prize patrol

But wait!!! There’s another all-attendee give away!! Yay!!!

Convention friends

The best part about Stampin’ Up! Convention is hanging out with friends. AWW. Love these gals!

Random out-of-context quotes from Convention:

“the thingy agrees with me. did you hear how it got all fired up?”

“it’s not my fart”

“she’s the nicest person and she’s not even Canadian”ย  -said by our American friend

“I can see you being a German pornstar”

“I pretend to be a rich person in my private pool”

“This baby’s gonna be half Canadian!”

“Don’t get the meat sweats”

“I have your peacock in Seattle”

“I think your bum just asked me a question”

“Crotch sniff!!”





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