Loyalty Points

I would like to introduce you to a new program for 2018 . . .

Inking on the Fly Loyalty Points!! Here’s what you need to know:

How do I earn points?
1. For every $50 you spend (before shipping and handling), you earn 5 Inking on the Fly Loyalty Points. (Multiple orders cannot be combined)
2. Pre-pay for a Class Punch Card ($50) and receive 5 Inking on the Fly Loyalty Points (more about punch pass below)
3. Bring a friend to a class who has never stamped with me before and receive 5 Inking on the Fly Loyalty Points

How do I keep track of my points?
I will provide a card where you can keep track of your points. It will allow you to record the date earned as well as number of points earned. When you redeem your points, you must hand in the completed card. If you are ordering online, you will receive your points tracker card in the mail.

Are there any limitations?
Points cannot be earned by the hostess at their home workshop or party (the hostess will already be receiving hostess rewards through Stampin’ Up!).
Guests at a home workshop/party cannot earn points by bringing a friend.
Guests at a home workshop/party CAN still earn points through methods #1 and #2.
Hostess’s CAN still earn points by purchasing a Class Punch Card.
Points expire after 18 months.
Multiple orders cannot be combined to earn points. Ex: If you place a $35 order on Tuesday, then place a $15 order on Thursday, you will not receive any points.

Can I put my order together with my friend’s order?
Sure. As long as it is all on one order and is one payment, then the paying person will receive the points.

How do I redeem points?
When you have 40 points, you can redeem them for $40 of current Stampin’ Up! products of your choice!
Can only be redeemed through me.

Do points expire?
Yes, points expire after 18 months.

What is this Class Punch Card all about?
A Class Punch Card can be purchased for $50 and is only beneficial to you if you are in my area and can physically attend classes with me. It is a wallet card, DO NOT lose it!
There are 5 punch spots, so you can use the card for 5 class registrations for either the Sweet & Simple Card Class or the Technique card class. Each class is a $10 value.
Once you have filled your punch card, you can hand it in for your 6th class for FREE!
If you make a purchase of $30 or more, you will still receive that class for FREE, but it will be taken off of your total order (after shipping and handling has been calculated).
The punch card never expires (as long as I don’t!)

What if I order online?
To receive points with an online order, you MUST use the Hostess Code provided for the month in which you are ordering. I will send the hostess code via email and post it on my website when I complete the Inking on the Fly Loyalty Points Program page (not yet complete). If you do not use the hostess code, you will not receive points. If you order online and order over $200 in product, then you can earn hostess rewards on your own and should not use the hostess code I provide.