Fleecy Caribou and Blog Candy

I’m curious about holiday traditions. Everywhere I go, I’m hearing about different traditions. Many I’ve heard of before, like chocolate advent calendars, touring the Christmas lights in town, or waiting in long lines to get photos with Santa in the mall.

I’d love to make it a tradition to shoot down all the tacky plastic Santa’s from people’s rooftops, but I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Too bad. I think it would be very satisfying. Perhaps someone should add that to a rifle range somewhere… a tacky plastic Santa rifle range, lol!

More and more, I’m hearing about new traditions like wine advent calendars, or tea ones, or chocolate ones, or Lego ones! There’s Elf on the Shelf. Different movies, like Die Hard (yes, it is a Christmas movie) are enjoyed over the holidays. Some people don’t exchange gifts anymore, but give to people in need, instead.

I make Christmas crafts. Cards and decor. Gift wrap and gift tags.

Here’s one of my simple and quick Christmas cards using the Barnyard Babies stamp set in combination with the Wonderland Stamp set.

Fleecy Caribou card by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.com - Barnyard Babies stamp set - Wonderland Stamp set - Jingle all the Way stamp setI love this little lamb with the caribou antlers. I created another card with him on a previous post here.

Did you know that caribou in North America are the same as the reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh? Just a fun fact for you.

“You know Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer and Button,

Comet and Cupid and Donner and Mutton”

Fleecy Caribou card by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.com The Season of Cheer patterned paper and the Red Foil paper from Stampin’ Up are so pretty and festive together! Don’t you think?

I added the stars on this card using Soft Sky ink and the Jingle All the Way stamp set from Stampin’ Up. I used the Sahara Sand Marker to give a slight shadow outline to my image, while adding a slight blue tone to my white fleecy caribou by “in-lining” the image with a Soft Sky Marker.

It’s your turn now.  In the comments on this post, tell me what your favourite holiday tradition is from when you were growing up and/or one new holiday tradition that you have started or would like to start with your family.

Your comment and information in the entry form will count as an entry into a draw for my *blog candy today!! Be sure to check back on Tuesday next week to see if you won!!

Christmas Tagables

*Enter to Win!

Christmas Tagables photopolymer stamp set by Stampin’ Up!

*You must be a Canadian resident to enter. Please fill out the entry form below AND leave a comment on my blog about your holiday traditions. Just one entry per person please. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 8th.

17 thoughts on “Fleecy Caribou and Blog Candy

  1. gwen

    Christmas traditions … hmm … at my stage of the game I have favourite memories of Christmas, but I don’t know that they were traditions:). One thing that was consistent: my Mom made everything. From scratch. Christmas cake…even the chocolates. Nothing tastes like it did when I was a kid.

    Ah! There was a tradition! I loved it the most of everything we did. Christmas Eve Day, I would get bundled up and Mom would give me baskets and tims of her home baking to deliver to all our neighbours. I realize now how much work that was for her!!

    I tried to start that tradition with Seana, but moving so often meant we often never got to know our neighbours. So, something we each have done for a number of years now is to give a minimum of $20 to the food bank. (I know, right?)

    Our favourite tradition now – which we NEVER would have done when I was young – is to have pumpkin pie for breakfast Christmas morning … It’s a food group, right??

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Pumpkin pie is PERFECT for breakfast!! I believe that the best time to get your fats and sugars is in the morning, so you have all day to use that extra energy. AND pumpkin is a fruit (a berry, actually) and it’s considered perfectly normal and healthy to have fruit for breakfast 🙂

  2. Seana

    Wow so many comments on this blog 😉 I love the little sheep. Oh my goodness! but it’s me and sheep so duh. Christmas tradition? Spending time with this amazing family that I was blessed to meet 14 years ago. Doesn’t seem to matter what comes my way they’re always there for me. Christmas visits with them generally involve good food, youTube videos, goofiness, book talk, and often some mention or other of bacon. <3

  3. Terry Hamilton

    Hi Amy,
    This card is so cute! Very creative use of those antlers!
    Our tradition when the girls were little is that they got to open one present on Christmas Eve and it was from our old cat Smokey who is now gone but he always got them new pyjamas. He was such a smart cat! Now they are all grown up and aren’t all always home for Christmas but when they are we always play games like Cranium that last all day! Lots of fun!
    Terry H

  4. Karen Klotz

    When I was a kid many decades ago our Christmas tree wasn’t set up until Christmas eve and that’s when the excitement began. One more sleep until we found out if we received something we had been wishing for in the Eatons or Simpsons Sears catalog. One tradition I cling to is always having a live tree and not putting it up before Dec.15, but the closer to Christmas the better.

  5. holly

    Amy, this is awesome…You are truly a talented writer….of course!! I would like you to autograph your book for me…..I know that it will happen.
    Our Christmas tradition is of course, new jammies on the eve, eating junk food, music and listening for santas sleigh bells. In the morning, the first event is digging into the stockings….and some of the family take a bite out of everything….sheesh, even before breakfast…we have waffles and whip cream and do a quick prep of the turkey veges and either go outside for walks and then play games as family. Oh and eat treats, oranges, and just have family time….sometimes a challenge with distant families, but we manage.
    Your blog is great, your cards are artisitc!!

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Thank you, Holly. It means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog.

      Waffles are so good! We traditionally have brunch at the in-laws. Hubby makes Eggs Benedict for everyone. I bet you’re the one who takes a bite out of everything, (even before breakfast!), lol!!

  6. Trina

    Everyone always gets new jammed the night before and we play Christmas monopoly. It’s all about the time together with my family❤.

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Yes! Loved ones are a key element to the holidays for me, too. My immediate family gets all the attention on Christmas Day, but we also share a lot of special time during the holiday season with friends who are precious to us. New jammies the night before also means that everyone can look spiffy for gift opening photos 😀

  7. melanie

    I do watch die hard every Christmas 🙂 as a child my sisters and I slept at the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve I still do it with my kids!

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      I used to love it when I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning as a little girl and lay under the Christmas tree (usually with my cat, Emma), and enjoy the beauty of the multicoloured glowing Christmas lights. LED lights just don’t have that same glow nowadays.

      Hubby and I watched Die Hard last year as we assembled and wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve. It was perfect.

  8. Stacey

    I always love a chance to win something :). I do really like this little lamb with antlers too! So cute!
    My favorite tradition growing up was that we had an advent calendar that my mom would fill each day before we got home from school. Sometimes it was just a little chocolate but many times it would be a crossword puzzle, word search, or riddle that we would have to figure out to find out where our advent treat was hiding. Every day it was a race to find out what was hiding in that little box, but the notes and puzzles were my favorite. I am looking forward to when my kids are old enough to start this with them too :).

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      I love that idea of little treasure hunts and puzzles to keep the kids engaged. And kids LOVE those things! Thank you for sharing this precious memory.


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