Woodland Embossing Folder

The Woodland embossing folder by Stampin’ Up! is so versatile for Christmas, Halloween, fall, winter, summer – it can literally be used for anything!

My new favourite is to use it to create a forest scene. I’ve seen this done by a few other demonstrators, but I ran into a few problems along the way and thought I could share my trouble-shooting with you.

First, here’s the card I made and have since fallen in love with:

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.comTo created this card, I used a direct ink pad to embossing folder technique. This has been done before, but this time I used Soft Sky where the lower half of the sky was going to be, then used Pool Party for the upper half of the sky.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.com

My first few attempts gave me blobs and pools of colour that didn’t jive with my expectations. This is likely because my ink pads are nice and juicy. Normally, you want a juicy ink pad for great colour distribution, but it can backfire a bit on you with solid flat sections on a stamp or when you want to use the ink pad for sponging techniques.

You could work with some of these effects for a different overall look, but I was looking for something softer and smoother.


Soft Sky ink – no brayer


Soft Sky ink – spritzed with water – no brayer


Soft Sky ink – with brayer

When I get blotches of ink on a stamp (like when I used my Definitely Dahlia background stamp), I will often roll my brayer over the stamp surface after inking it to thin and smooth the ink. I decided to try it with the ink on my folder.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.comOnce I sorted out my sky and decided on the Pool Party/Soft Sky ink  combo, I could proceed with directly stamping my Winter Wonderland trees with Mossy Meadow ink on the Woodland embossing folder. I stamped them in varying heights and was careful to re-ink my stamp each time to ensure every tree was solid.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.com

With my images and inking completed, I was ready to press my Whisper White cardstock. If you lay the paper on the un-inked side of your embossing folder, you will avoid the risk of smudging the ink on the cardstock. I chose to lay my paper dead center on the un-inked side of the folder so that the messy bottom area of my stamped trees wouldn’t show on my cardstock, but I would have a nice tree line showing in the middle-upper area of my cardstock piece.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.comFold it all together carefully, holding it so it does. not. move, run it through the Big Shot.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.com

Vacant areas actually work on this project, because it is an art piece. you can interpret those vacant areas as wisps of clouds or even snow.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.comFinishing the card was simple. I didn’t want to cover up the pretty woodland image, but wanted to highlight it as much as I could. I started with a Crumb Cake mat behind the embossed cardstock and layered that on my Thick Whisper White card base with Stampin’ Dimensionals.  The sentiment from the Hostess stamp set, Six Sayings, was stamped in Early Espresso ink on a Whisper White banner. Linen Thread tied in a bow to finish it with a bit of natural texture.

The final touch is adding the 3 sequins (pronounced “seek-wins”, not “sequence”, lol!). I thought of them as Christmas ornaments hanging from the trees, but they could also be thought of as sparkly snow softly falling from the sky.

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.comYou can order any of these products by clicking the ‘shop now’ button on my website or by contacting me through my email.

Now, don’t stop there. If you liked this tutorial, go and give it a try for yourself. Don’t have that embossing folder? Play around with what you have and see what you come up with!

Now get stamping!

Woodland Embossing Folder card tutorial by Amy Jasper www.inkingonthefly.com

61 thoughts on “Woodland Embossing Folder

  1. Sylvia K.

    Thanks so much Amy. I tried this using your instructions and it came out so nice the very first try!!

    1. Sharon

      I have been wanting to give this a try. Thanks for the great tutorial. I have an old truck stamp I want to put “behind” the trees

  2. Christina Grany

    I love it. I am new to stamping and hope to make several come Christmas. Thank Yu so so so much. Christina🌻

  3. Sarah

    I’m quite sure I did this right but I still got the pine trees printed on top of the birch trees. Not sure what I did wrong. Any ideas?

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Hi Sarah,
      I can’t be sure what you did, but either you stamped with too much pressure, causing the ink to get into the depression in the embossing folder or you may have stamped on the wrong side of the embossing folder – make sure you are inking and stamping on the side of the embossing folder that has the depression of the birch trunks rather than the side where the birch tree impressions are raised. You definitely don’t want ink on your birch trees for this technique. Hope that helps!

  4. Jody

    Hi Amy,
    Your step by step tutorial is absolutely perfect. I am brand new to cardmaking. The only thing I don’t understand is how do you get the sky colors on the embossing folder without getting it on the trees?
    (and if it invloves a brayer, what is a brayer exactly?) So you stamp the sky then the trees on the same side of the embossing folder? Sorry I’m alittle slow and worried the blue will dry by the time I get to the trees hahaha!

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Hi Jody. A brayer is a firm rubber roller designed for applying ink to paper, similar to a paint roller that a person would use to apply paint to the walls in their house (but smaller and made of rubber, of course, lol!). And, yes, you apply the sky colour with the brayer, then stamp the trees on the same side of the embossing folder. Because the tree areas are depressed in the folder, the firm brayer skips over those areas. If you use water-based ink, you shouldn’t need to worry about the sky drying before you finish stamping your trees. However, if there is the slightest concern, you can “huff” on the folder (like when you huff on a cold window to fog it with your breath). This will re-moisten the ink just enough to allow it to transfer to the paper when you’re ready. I hope that helps! Happy stamping! I’m so excited for you and all of your new discoveries with card-making!!

  5. Nancy McCaskey

    Thank you so much for sharing this technique with us! Your card is just gorgeous! I have never stamped on an embossing folder before, but I am looking forward to trying this.

  6. linda reynolds

    thanks for your ideas with the above card. never thought about those ways of effect onto my carding. Another new year’ to do’ technique with my small workshop ladies.

  7. Rose

    Thanks for the great easy directions I’ve been wanting to try and make a card like this but was confused on how but not now thanks to you!

  8. Kathy

    Lovely, just lovely, thanks sooooooo much for tips n tricks, u make it look easy and now I think I can do..thanks again for sharing, your the bestest! Paper hugs

  9. Melissa

    What a breath-taking card and interesting technique! I will be fiddlin’ with it the next time I sit down to stamp. Thank you for the great step by step!

    1. Barbara

      I really liked the way you laid out your tutorial. It was easy to follow and certainly encouraged me to try to make cards of varying colors (sunsets, sunrises, etc.) using your technique.

  10. Jan

    I have tried and tried this technique and the image does not come on the card, just kinda messy. I have stamped the image on the right part of the folder, run it through the machine and it barley shows yet it shows on the folder. I do not have a Big Shot I have a Evolution but that should not make a difference. Any tips?

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      I’m not familiar with the Evolution, but if you are successfully getting an embossed image, then the problem might be related to your ink. A water-based ink or a slow-drying ink is the key to success for this technique. Stampin’ Up! classic ink pads are a water-based ink in a firm foam pad, which release the ink beautifully and very evenly. Try adding more ink to your ink pad with an ink refill so the ink pad is nice and moist. This will allow the ink to have better coverage and should improved transfer from the folder to your paper. Let me know how it goes!

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Hi Bootsie. The embossing folder is from Stampin’ Up! If you are in Canada, you can click on the SHOP button on my website to order it online. If you are not in Canada, you can find a demonstrator in your country. Stampin’ Up! is in the following countries:
      United States
      United Kingdom
      The Netherlands
      New Zealand

      I hope you get this folder! It is just beautiful!

  11. Margaret

    Thanks for these instructions ,the finished card is beautiful, this is must have folder because of the amount that can be done with it.

    1. Amy Jasper Post author

      Hi Donna. I’m glad you gave the technique a try! Water-base ink should rinse off easily. If you’re not finding success with that, try using your stamp cleaner or even a bit of dish soap with a soft brush to remove any remaining ink.

  12. Rebecca

    Your card is beautiful. Thank you for sharing how to do this technique, especially all the variations for applying the color of the sky. I can’t wait to try it myself.

  13. carol townsend

    would love to see this tutorial on youtube. I am a very visual person and I can’t figure out how the trees in the foreground stay white thru out this process.

  14. GRANNY


  15. Karen Klotz

    Thanks Amy. I really like this technique and it’s quick to do a number of these for Christmas cards. Rinse the folder under the tap and dry it with a towel and away you go.


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